10 Trending Party Themes

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 One thing I love about the party niche is there are so many options when it comes to themes – each with such different styles. On Etsy, the key to search domination is 1) having lots of products and 2) having a diversity of tags. With a lot of search terms containing licensed material though, I thought it might be a good idea to go hunting for some low competition high sales trends for parties.


Here are 10 cute ideas for your next party stationery collection.

Audience skew: boys

Arcade-themed birthday parties are lots of fun to create – think pixels, gamer, and neon-themed colors to capture the feel of an arcade.

Audience skew: girls

A strawberry-themed birthday party is perfect for a sweet and summery celebration. Decorate with red and green colors, have strawberry-flavored treats, and perhaps even a strawberry-picking activity if possible.

Audience skew: mixed

A skating-themed party is a hit for kids who love to be active. Whether it’s ice skating, roller skating, or skateboarding, you can organize a party at a local rink or skate park. Decorate with skating-related items and give out themed party favors.

Audience skew: boys

Blast off with an astronaut-themed birthday party! Decorate with stars, planets, and rocket ships. Activities could include making DIY space helmets or a “training course” obstacle course to simulate astronaut training.

Audience skew: mixed

A pizza and pajamas party is a relaxed and fun theme. Guests can come in their pajamas, and you can have a make-your-own-pizza station. Set up a cozy area with pillows and blankets for a movie marathon or storytelling.​​​​​​​

Audience skew: girls

A bow-themed party is perfect for someone who loves hair accessories and all things girly. Decorate with bow-shaped decorations, have a bow-making station, and incorporate bows into the party favors.

Audience skew: girls

A glitter-themed party is all about sparkle and shine. Use glittery decorations, have a craft station for making glittery art, and consider a sparkly dress code. Just be prepared for a bit of cleanup afterward!

Audience skew: boys

For the gaming enthusiasts, a gamer-themed party is a dream come true. Set up various gaming stations with different consoles and games. Decorate with game-themed items and consider a gaming tournament with prizes.

Audience skew: mixed

A glow party is perfect for a night-time celebration. Use black lights, glow sticks, and neon decorations to create a glowing atmosphere. Guests can wear white or neon clothes to stand out in the dark.

Audience skew: girls

A pony-themed party is ideal for animal lovers, especially those who adore horses. You can have pony rides if feasible, decorate with horse and pony motifs, and have activities like horseshoe tossing or making horse-themed crafts.

An underserved market currently is joint party invitations – think unicorns and dinosaurs on the one invitation. When creating these try and imagine what age groups will want these and what themes would be a great match!


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