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The business niche on Etsy is a cool one – lots of different products to make, heaps of sub-niches and the opportunity for higher-priced digital products. Sounds like a sweet deal, right? But for a lot of my members, it tends to be a bit of a struggle to create ‘that’ product that sells like crazy and really establishes your shop.



My very first job was as a graphic designer for an agency, which feels like a lifetime ago now. I worked with many different people from huge international corporations all the way through to small start-ups who needed their very first logo. It was a fast and brutal learning curve where I discovered very quickly that I needed to leave my ego at the door and put what the customers’ brand needs first. Typically, I designed anything branding and visual – so logos, websites, annual reports, flyers.

Here is a picture of your girl circa 2009 (yes Glen & I got to work together, even then!)


Looking back at those days, I am really grateful for the opportunity to work with so many different types of businesses in a really fast-paced environment. It mainly taught me that each industry and business deserves its own detailed attention – as a designer branding and design for another business is not about you and what you like. It’s about how the business owner feels about his brand identity, what their customers vibe with, and the benchmark of design quality within that industry.

Since then, I have created thousands of digital products and done branding for so many different businesses that I have lost count. The skill of branding has almost become a habit and subconscious, but I know there is a process that I go through each and every time I approach a new product.

So if you are in the business niche, and can’t seem to get your products to click for your potential customers – here is how to create winning digital products that resonate and speak to them.




Step 2



Step 3








Finally, enjoy the process.

Designing business products can be a really fun experience, and it’s important to take time as you design – to not only do things properly but also to make sure you are creating from the best place possible, as it shows in your designs. Make yourself a hot drink, use your creativity and design from a place of goodness.


Happy Creating 😄 

Jessa B


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