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My members know that I often talk about the benefits of selling simple products on Etsy.

I learned this through my own experiences, initially over complicating things. Currently, trending is an easy way to elevate a simple product: customization.

This is closely linked to perceived value in digital products. Essentially, the more a customer can modify your template to suit their needs, the better.

Let’s take this further by including space for photos.

Photos not only enhance customizability but also look fantastic on simple products while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.


The original design is simple and minimal. However, by using the same fonts, you can easily incorporate a photo, instantly creating a new product with additional tags and broader search reach.

  • Business Niche: Social Posts, Onboarding Guides, Author Pages on eBooks
  • Organizational Niche: Personalized cover pages for planners with space for names & photos (excellent for gifts)
  • Wedding Niche: Table numbers, seating chart cards, invitations including save-the-dates
  • Party Niche: Milestone boards, party invitations, thank you cards
  • Activity Niche: Milestone cards, Name-based activities, editable storybooks

Where can you find great photos to use? 

Canva offers a wide array of free photos suitable for your templates. If you’re considering purchasing custom photos, ensure they are permitted for use in templates. In my top-tier membership, Passive Income Society, we also provide a variety of filler photos for you to use freely. We’re opening up for new members on the 11th of this month.

I hope this inspires new ideas for expanding your product range by including photo options. Happy creating, and talk soon!

Jessa B


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