The Best Promo Ideas for Digital Product Sellers

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Weekly Email – 22 November 2023


👋Hi Friends,

One of the questions I frequently get asked is what promotions should I run to my store?


I believe promotions can be a great way to drive extra traffic to your digital product store – Etsy as a platform especially favors them in their algorithm. My members know that I always teach them to constantly run a sale in their stores. 


Since i love a good deal and with Black Friday 🖤 coming up quickly, I thought it would be a great idea to run through some of the most common promotions. 

Remember every store is different, and different techniques work better for different stores/niches – but here are some of my favorite promotions.


🎁 Special Bundle Offer 🎁 


Put together a bundle with carefully curated resources that go together well. Price it at a discounted rate with great value for your customer. This is a win/win for both as you get the higher value item and the customer gets a great deal.


⚡ Storewide Flashsale ⚡


 Offering  a site-wide percentage discount is my go to as it’s straightforward for you as you can apply it to all your listings and is easy for the customer to understand. You can also apply a deadline, such as 60% off everything for 48 hours. 


👯 Buy one get one free deal 👯 


Encourage larger purchases by offering buy-one-get-one-free deals or discounts on the second item. This works well for similar items or collections, like in the clipart niche with your singles. (You simply set-up a discount but have a minimum purchase quantity before it’s applied)


💸 Tiered Discounts 💸 


The more a customer spends, the bigger the discount. For example, 10% off orders over $50, 15% off orders over $100, and so on. You can set this up with coupon codes on Etsy, or on your own website.


🎁 Free Gift With Purchase 🎁


Including a small free gift with orders over a certain amount. This could be another product (for example, in clipart stores you might advertise a specific product that is a gift with any purchase) – you can add a link to your gift on the success page at checkout to automate the process.


If you are selling on Etsy, the best place to set up your promotion is in the Marketing tab – you have the options for storewide or category-based sales there along with coupon codes.


Happy sales 🛒 and wishing you every success for Black Friday, 

Jessa B


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