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Weekly Email – 4 October 2023


Hi Friends,


Can you believe it’s 84 days left until Christmas? That means it’s time to get ahead of the game when it comes to seasonal products, hence why I took some time off to recharge and regain some energy for the final countdown. My new Youtube video has just dropped:


It goes over my personal approach to crafting and marketing seasonal items and the 6 categories I see them falling into.


Let’s break it down:


Christmas Planning: Delve into checklists, planners, and organizational tools designed to streamline holiday preparations.


Christmas Decor: Elevate the festive atmosphere with seasonal wall art, printable gift cards & tags, and charming decorations.


Activities for All Ages: Engage both kids and adults with a variety of activities, including delightful party games.


Thoughtful Gifting: Discover printable last-minute gifts like adorable coupons and items that make for unforgettable presents.


Stylish Stationery: For the invitation enthusiasts, explore a range of family photo cards, themed wedding invitations, and coordinating items to infuse your events with holiday cheer.


Bonus – Clipart: Don’t forget to explore the world of beautiful seasonal clipart. It’s a must-have for digital product creators looking to make their offerings truly stand out.


Remember, understanding what’s trending in real-time is crucial for success. That’s why I rely on tools like Insight Factory like my members know to pinpoint high-demand, low-competition products.


As the year winds down, now is the time to step up your game, while others may be slowing down. Let’s make this year one to remember and end it on a high!



See you next time,

Jessa B



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