50 Must have festive products to start making now!

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Weekly Email – 13 September 2023


Hi Friends,


I always tell my members to be prepared for holidays and key celebrations so they always stay ahead and are ready for the influx of what their customers will be looking for.


So, as we approach Q4 and the most festive time of the year, there’s an increasing demand for unique, digital festive products on Etsy.


Why Dive into the Festive Season Now? 🌟


Establish yourself in search: It takes time to establish your listings in search (around 30 days) so uploading now will give you the best result.


Early Preparation: That being said, a lot of my members are already getting seasonal sales from those very organised shoppers. Starting now gives you the advantage of early bird visibility.


Increased Demand: Digital products, especially for festivities, see a huge spike in sales during this period – it can really be a great addition for any niche (but we see the biggest bumps in stationery & business).


Top 50 Festive Digital Products Ideas for 2023 that are already trending:


  1. Christmas boarding pass (stationery niche)
  2. Christmas budget printable (business niche)
  3. Christmas savings printable (planning niche)
  4. Christmas printable worksheets (activity niche)
  5. Christmas printable bookmarks (craft niche)
  6. Christmas printable border (clipart niche)
  7. Christmas handprint printable (activity niche)
  8. Printable Christmas binder (planning niche)
  9. Christmas canva fonts (supplier niche)
  10. Christmas invitation canva (stationery niche)
  11. Christmas coupons canva (gift niche)
  12. Christmas flyer canva (business niche)
  13. Christmas instagram canva (business niche)
  14. Christmas story printable (activity niche)
  15. Printable Christmas coloring books for adults  (printable niche)
  16. Printable Christmas countdown (printable niche)
  17. Christmas tea party printables (stationery niche)
  18. Christmas printable pattern (clipart niche)
  19. Christmas activity printables (activity niche)
  20. Christmas party decorations printables (stationery niche)
  21. Christmas printable wall art landscape (wall art niche)
  22. Digital printable Christmas sticker (planning niche)
  23. Printable Christmas elf activities kit (activity niche)
  24. Printable baby shower Christmas (stationery niche)
  25. Old fashioned Christmas printable (wall art niche)
  26. Printable Christmas greeting card (stationery niche)
  27. Pink Christmas printable art (wall art niche)
  28. Christmas printable ornaments (stationery niche)
  29. Printable Christmas games (stationery niche)
  30. Christmas reindeer printable wall art (wall art niche)
  31. Christmas wreath sign printable (stationery niche)
  32. Printable Christmas doll gifts (craft niche)
  33. Printable Christmas advent calender (planner niche)
  34. Christmas printables to do list (planner niche)
  35. Printable Christmas gift tag (stationery niche)
  36. Christmas printable gift tags with santa clause (stationery niche)
  37. Christmas embroidery printable (craft niche)
  38. Cookie tags printable Christmas (stationery niche)
  39. Printable Christmas songs (wall art niche)
  40. Printable Christmas lyrics (wall art niche)
  41. Christmas printable shipping labels (business niche)
  42. Printable Christmas village (wall art niche)
  43. Printable Christmas scramble (stationery niche)
  44. Printable Christmas door hangers (stationery niche)
  45. Printable Christmas star (stationery niche)
  46. Christmas skeleton clipart (clipart niche)
  47. Christmas Dog sublimation clipart bundle (clipart niche)
  48. Christmas pink clipart (clipart niche)
  49. Gold Christmas clipart (clipart niche)
  50. Christmas North Pole clipart (clipart niche)

As you gear up for the holiday season, keep in mind that quality and presentation are key. Ensure your product images and descriptions are engaging, and consider offering bundle deals or special promotions to entice potential buyers.

Jessa B


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