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A question that has come up a lot lately from my members is, which is the best nicheI feel like I am being asked which of my cats is the best ๐Ÿ˜‚I donโ€™t have a favourite – they are all wonderful in their own way! But if you are at that point of choosing which niche to jump into I get the question – so in this email I wanted to break down some of the pros and cons to help you choose.

About:ย The wedding niche is a great niche especially if you love creating elegant designs and pairing them with beautiful font combinations.ย 

Best thing:ย Consistent high sales volumes

Biggest Challenge:ย Need lots of products to stand out

About:ย The party niche is fun and lets you get a bit more creative with your designs, so if you want a niche where you can be really creative, this might be for you.ย 

Best thing:ย Consistent high sales volumes

Biggest Challenge: Need lots of products to stand out.

About:ย The business niche is perfect for those who love to design things in a more formal professional style, or you have experience in a specific business niche and can use your expertise to create products and gain traction.ย 

Best thing:ย Higher price point products

Biggest Challenge:ย Must create products that are very specific to the niche

About:ย Are you someone who loves crafts? If so, the craft niche might the one for you. In this niche, you really want to stand out with good thumbnail images.

Best thing:ย High conversion rates

Biggest Challenge:ย wrapping your head around all the different items and always trying to innovate

About:ย If you like making your own art either by painting or in a program like procreate, or you like to generate images in AI – then this niche might be for you.ย 

Best thing:ย Easy to get started

Biggest Challenge:ย Low ticket sales, so need a high volume of traffic through having lots of products.

About:ย Do you love putting different elements & typography together to create your own unique art? If so, the wall art niche might be perfect for you as it allows creativity to shine.

Best thing:ย Consistent high sales volumes

Biggest Challenge:ย Need lots of products to stand out

About:ย If you love creating activity pages or educational content, then this might be your calling.ย 

Best thing:ย Not as focused on visuals

Biggest Challenge:ย Need lots of products to stand out

About:ย If you love planners and organisation, then you might also love the planning niche. Perfect niche for those who love nice neat lines & checklists!

Best thing:ย Consistent high sales volumes

Biggest Challenge:ย Need lots of products to stand out

Now the big question – which is my favourite?ย 

Of course it is Weddings, the reason I love the wedding niche so much is that as a designer I am drawn to the pretty graphics and fonts, its fast to create products in this niche and because of this I always felt like I was moving forwards quickly. Its also where I started my digital product journey.ย 

In this niche, I can play to my strengths which are page layout and typography, however this niche isnโ€™t for everyone. Its important to play to your own unique strengths and focus on what you enjoy so that you stick with it.ย 

If you are still trying to pick your niche, one of my best suggestions would be for you to try before you buy, so feel free to practice alongside myย ย design with me series on youtube – make all the

products that you are drawn to and take notice of what you enjoy making and which designs you feel are more your style. This can help you to decide on the best niche to start with!

Have a great week and happy creating๐Ÿ˜




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