3 Things I Learnt About Junk Journals

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Around two months ago, I decided that I was going to deep dive into a product I keep seeing come up again and again – junk journals.

For a long time I really struggled to understand exactly what they were, but every week when I would look in Insightfactory, my trend track software, I would see these cool, creative products pop up.

Essentially, junk journals fall into the craft niche and are digital products that crafters use to create these gorgeous, scrapbook-esk journals. 

I decided enough was enough and flash forward to now – happy to say I know what they are now and in April alone I made $1969 from junk journal sales. I can confirm that, yes, indeed, they are a cool product but for bigger reasons than just the sales volume of the niche.

The niche is much bigger than digital papers

The most common digital product you see trending is of course digital papers, but the niche covers so many other creative products like printable folios, ephemera cards and even mini envelopes (which if you know me, you know this makes my stationery heart beat a little faster).


There is potential for higher value products

A lot of the single products retail for around $3 – $8 so they are a relatively low priced product however the niche is a loyal one where customers return to purchase in the future – this means you can also create higher priced bundles and even an all access pass for your store.


You can be really creative

It’s one of the few niches where nothing is out of bounds when it comes to creativity – one of my top selling products for April for example was a pack called Letters from Fairies. Try and think outside the square and really test your creativity.


Shout out to Ann from the Blushing Penguin for her beautiful clipart I used in the video.

As always wishing you a great week, and happy creating!


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