Say Goodbye to These 4 Bad Habits

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Let’s play a game – swap this for that.

Across my memberships, I see a lot of students come up against the same roadblocks I too faced when I was just starting out. What felt big at the time for me, looking back, were actually simple

mindset shifts that if I had known about, I would have been able to avoid a lot of dwelling and pain.


Let’s look at them

Comparing yourself to others
Swap to:

Finding energy in your own strengths


This never benefits you as you are starting from a different place and possibly have a different skill-set, which means the comparison is never going to be fair. Instead, you should focus on your strengths and how to use them to your benefit, plus learning &

developing your skill-set.

Refreshing or reviewing your stats all the time
Swap to:

Focusing on your product count


In the beginning, a lot of people waste time staring at and studying the stats, but this is not a good use of your time as the stats will not provide you with any answers until you have a higher volume of products, and you are starting to get sales. Instead, you should focus on creating and listing more products, as more products mean more chances to get more views and therefore more sales, it also means that your design skills will be improving, and your listing skills will improve. 

Expecting overnight results

Swap to:

Focusing on building a long term business


Don’t go into the digital product business thinking that it is going to be an overnight success, instead go into it with the mindset that you are creating a long term business. Know that you will have to face ups and downs, you will need to figure things out as you go, but if you stick with it and are determined to make it work – that is when you will see results!


Feeling like you want to and have to do all the things

Swap to:

Single focused, needle moving work


I think almost all people that start digital product stores have shiny object syndrome, we are all pulled towards new and exciting things but in the long term this doesn’t benefit you. You can absolutely have stores in multiple niches, but its important to zone in on one at a time and build it until you reach your income goals. Its also important to focus on the tasks that will move the needle in your business. In the beginning these tasks will be creating and listing new products. 

These simple shifts are a lot more powerful than you think – where you spend your energy is incredibly important. Your mindset can transform the way you build your digital product business and while yes it makes things easier as you go along, it also makes it a lot more enjoyable.


Have a great week and happy creating😍




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