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In my time selling digital products on Etsy I have come across a couple of really pretty digital product niches where if you like beautiful things, they are a great place to start. The beauty niche is one of these – luxurious, feminine and lots of potential.

Technically it’s a sub-niche of the broader business category but if you know anything about the way I teach selling digital products – I’m all about going narrow with your product range. 

The beauty niche is fed by small businesses like make up artists, lash consultants, hair stylists and much more – and offers heaps of diversity in terms of the products you can make.

Here are my top 4 notes on selling digital products for the beauty niche.

  1. Use a Trending Color Palette

Color is a powerful tool in design, especially in the beauty niche. Stay updated with the latest color trends to make your products visually appealing and relevant – usually with a quick search on Etsy you will get an idea of the types of color palette trending but you can also use Pinterest as a way of finding style trends.

  1. Create Beautiful but Usable Products

While aesthetics are important, usability is key and a lot of shoppers in this niche are shopping to solve a problem – whether it’s an onboarding form or just to make their Instagram really pretty. Ensure your beauty-themed digital products are not only visually stunning but also functional. Some ideas for less competitive products include forms, planners, guides and social media templates that offer great customisation (like areas to add specific photos related to their service).

  1. Typography is Important – Luxe Minimal Fonts are a Winner

Typography can make or break your design. In the beauty niche, luxe minimal fonts are a winning choice. They convey elegance, simplicity, and sophistication. Choose fonts that are easy to read and pair well together. A well-chosen typeface can elevate your designs and create a polished, professional look – some of my favourites for this niche include Bodoni, Playfair & Didot (you will noticed they feel a little bit ‘Vogue’ in the way they look).

  1. Create Families of Products in the Same Branding

Consistency is key in branding and a lot of small businesses can be tempted by more products that match. Create families of products that share the same branding elements, such as color schemes, typography, and design styles. This not only makes your shop look cohesive but also encourages customers to purchase multiple items. For example, you could offer a complete beauty planner set, including daily logs, skincare trackers, and makeup tutorial guides, all designed with a consistent theme.

Ready to take the next step? I recently put together a great Beauty niche starter toolkit – you can check it out here:



Happy creating and have an awesome week,

Jessa B

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