Sell More In The Party Niche With Party Games

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Are you in the party niche and want more sales?


The golden girl of Etsy, is the party niche. With its high sales volume and breadth of pretty, creative products – itโ€™s one of my favorites. But some of my members do take a little bit longer to make consistent sales. If this is you, you might want to consider adding party games to your store.

These digital products are often overlooked because they are more mind power intensive to create, but have a great sales volume and can lead perfectly into other matching day purchases of decorations.

Here are 16 printable games ideas…


Game Idea Bank

Pin the Tail on the Donkey: A classic game where kids are blindfolded and try to pin a tail on a donkey poster.

Bingo: Create themed bingo cards with pictures or words related to the party theme.

Word Search: Make word search puzzles with words tied to the party theme.

Crossword Puzzle: Design a simple crossword puzzle with clues for kids.

Coloring Pages: Provide themed coloring pages for the kids to color.


Birthday Mad Libs: Create fun and silly story templates where kids fill in the blanks.

Word Scramble: Jumbled word puzzles that align with the party’s theme.


Scavenger Hunt Lists: Create lists for a scavenger hunt with items to find around the party area.

Spot the Difference: Create or find ‘spot the difference’ sheets where kids find differences between two pictures.

I Spy: Make ‘I Spy’ sheetsย ๐Ÿ”with a list of items to find in a picture.

Trivia Questions: Print out trivia questions about popular kids’ movies, books, or characters.

Paper Dolls: Printable paper dolls with clothes and accessories to cut out and play with.

Alphabet Game: Sheets where kids find things at the party that start with each letter of the alphabet.

Finish the Drawing: Half-completed pictures that kids can finish in their own way.

Comic Strip Templates: Blank comic strips that kids can fill with their own stories and dialogues.

Design Your Own Cake: A blank cake outline that kids can decorate.


These are just a couple of ideas – the options for printable party games really are limited by what you can think up.

Get creative – and as a bonus, try and tie them into different party themes. For example, for the bingo printable, think about adding marine life for an under the sea party!

Happy Creating

Jessa B


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