Why Simple Products Sell

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I often talk to my members about simple products and why they shouldn’t be underestimated. When I first started my Etsy journey, I thought profit was tied directly to effort. Aka the more complex the product, the more it will sell.


I was wrong.


I quickly learned that sometimes it is the simple but clever product that wins the race. This is across all the niches and is one of the reasons I recommend including thoughtful but quick to create digital products in your store.


But how do you create a winning one?


Here are three quick tips for the best-selling simple products.




My best-selling simple products all leverage low competition and high sales trends and are not your typical product. They are very niche and specific to what my audience is looking for.


For example, this program was a trend directly taken from Insight Factory – the trend being church program wedding. Make sure you use the extra words and order of the trend for the best effect.

2.The Details


Simple products donโ€™t need to be simply designed, and it really is about the finer details when it comes to competing against competition.


Think about thoughtful and unique content/text – donโ€™t just follow the tide of what everyone else is doing. Icons also make a great addition to designs and instantly uplevel a design as they are more visual and attractive.



Arguably, the most important part of simple digital products is how you present them in your product images. They need to be mint ๐Ÿ‘Œ


Think highly polished, clear and simple thumbnails that let your product shine and make it tangible to the end user.


Finally, with simple products, sometimes they never sell and that’s ok!


Itโ€™s perfectly normal to have some products that never sell as its a search engine-based platform and just a part of having a store.


Focus on the top three things + consistently uploading a volume of products and try things like size, font & colour variations to hone your products in.



Happy Creating

Jessa B


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