Trends Thursday-Weekly Trends Report – 20 July 2023

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Weekly Trend Report – 20 July 2023


Following trends when it comes to selling digital products is important because it allows sellers to stay relevant and appealing to their target audience. Trends often reflect the current needs and interests of potential customers, and by keeping up with them, sellers can create products that meet those needs and interests. Additionally, following trends can help sellers to identify gaps in the market and create products that are unique and in demand. By staying on top of trends, sellers can also stay ahead of their competition and establish themselves as leaders in their niche. Overall, keeping up with trends is an important part of creating successful digital products that appeal to buyers and generate sales.

So every week we share trends that we find on insight factory with our audience, and then we expand on it here on the blog as we know that people often don’t understand what some of the trending terms are for. So, in this blog we will look at each trend and give you some examples. So if you would like to keep up to date on Trending Digital Products, check back in each week for the updated blog post!

Lets jump in!


Typographic Wedding Invitation

 A typographic wedding invitation in Canva refers to a digital design or printable template for a wedding invitation that primarily focuses on typography, using various fonts, styles, and layouts to create an aesthetically pleasing and elegant invitation.Its designed in  Canva as it offers a wide range of templates, including wedding invitations, which can be customized according to your preferences.


People often need typographic wedding invitations for several reasons:


Personalization: Typographic wedding invitations allow couples to convey their unique style and personality through carefully chosen fonts and design elements. It enables them to create an invitation that reflects the overall theme and ambiance of their wedding.


Digital Sharing: With the rise of digital communication, many couples opt for digital wedding invitations to easily share the details of their wedding with friends and family via email, social media, or wedding websites.


Printable Option: Canva allows users to download their designs as printable files, enabling couples to print physical invitations to send by mail to guests who prefer a traditional invitation.


Canva will display various wedding invitation templates. To find typographic designs, you can use keywords like “typographic wedding invitation” or “elegant typography wedding invite.”


Browse through the available templates and choose the one that fits your vision and theme.


Customize the invitation by changing the text, fonts, colors, and other design elements. You can also add images or illustrations if you wish. Ensure all details are included  such as the names of the couple, date, time, and venue etc


Once you’re satisfied with the design it’s ready to go.


Thats Amore Bridal Invitation

 A “That’s Amore” Bridal Invitation is a type of wedding invitation design that incorporates the phrase “That’s Amore,” which means “That’s Love” in Italian. It is often associated with romantic or Italian-themed weddings. The design can be in various formats, including digital designs for electronic invitations or printable designs for physical invitation cards.


People may need a “That’s Amore” Bridal Invitation for the following reasons:


Themed Weddings: Couples planning an Italian-inspired or romantic-themed wedding may opt for a “That’s Amore” invitation to set the tone for their special day.


Personalization: The design allows couples to infuse their cultural backgrounds or love for Italy into their wedding invitations, making the event more unique and meaningful to them.


Aesthetic Appeal: “That’s Amore” invitations often feature elegant and romantic designs, making them attractive choices for couples seeking a sophisticated and sentimental invitation style.


Emotional Connection: The phrase “That’s Amore” evokes emotions related to love and affection, making it a perfect fit for wedding invitations where couples want to express their love and commitment.


To make a “That’s Amore” Bridal Invitation, Start with a blank canvas or a suitable template and add romantic elements, the phrase “That’s Amore,” and relevant wedding details.

You can make it an Italian style or romantic-themed.


Remember to include essential information on the invitation, such as the couple’s names, wedding date, time, venue, RSVP details, and any additional information you think would be relevant.


Whether you choose a digital or printable design, the goal is to create a beautiful and personalized wedding invitation that represents the love and joy of the couple’s special day.




Budget Planner Google Docs

A Budget Planner Template in Google Docs is a digital or printable document designed to help individuals or businesses track and manage their finances. It provides a structured format where you can input your income, expenses, savings goals, and other financial information. Google Docs is a free online word processing tool provided by Google, and using it, you can create and customize budget planner templates according to your specific needs.


Digital Design or Printable:


Digital Design: A digital budget planner template is created within Google Docs and is accessible online. It allows you to input and edit financial data directly in the document and save it online for easy access from any device with internet connectivity.

Printable: A printable budget planner template is designed to be downloaded and printed. You can fill it out manually using a pen or pencil. Alternatively, you can type your financial information in the digital version first and then print it out for physical record-keeping.

Why do people need it:

Budget planner templates are essential tools for anyone looking to manage their finances effectively. Here are some reasons why people need it:


Financial Organization: A budget planner helps individuals or businesses organize their income, expenses, and savings, allowing them to have a clear overview of their financial situation.

Expense Tracking: By recording all expenses, people can identify areas where they might be overspending and make adjustments to save money.

Goal Setting: Budget planners allow users to set financial goals and allocate funds accordingly to achieve those goals, such as saving for a vacation, paying off debt, or investing in the future.

Budgeting for the Future: With a budget planner, people can plan for future expenses and emergencies, ensuring that they have sufficient funds for unexpected events.

How to make a Budget Planner Template in Google Docs:

To create a basic budget planner template in Google Docs, follow these steps:


Open Google Docs: Go to the Google Docs website ( and sign in to your Google account.


Create a New Document: Click on the “Blank” option to create a new, empty document.


Design the Template: Use the tools and formatting options in Google Docs to create a table or a series of labeled columns for various financial categories like “Income,” “Expenses,” “Savings,” etc.


Add Formulas (Optional): You can use simple formulas in Google Docs (similar to Excel) to calculate totals and perform basic calculations automatically.


Customize the Template: Add colors, fonts, and other design elements to make the budget planner visually appealing and easy to read.


Save or Print: Once your budget planner template is ready, you can save it as a digital document or download and print it for manual entries.


Remember, the complexity and features of your budget planner template can vary based on specific financial needs. You can add more detailed categories, graphs, or other elements to make it more comprehensive and suitable for different financial management requirements.


Employee Training Checklist Template

A Employee Training Checklist Template is a tool used by businesses and organizations to ensure that new employees receive the necessary training and orientation during their onboarding process. It is a list of tasks or topics that need to be covered during the training period to help new employees become familiar with their roles, responsibilities, company policies, and procedures.


The template can be in digital design format, typically in a software like Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, or similar tools. It can also be printable, where it is provided as a physical document that can be handed out to new employees or used as a reference during their training.


People need an Employee Training Checklist Template for several reasons:


Consistency: Having a standardized checklist ensures that all new employees receive the same level of training and are introduced to the essential aspects of their job. This consistency helps in maintaining quality and avoids any crucial information from being overlooked.


Compliance: Certain industries or organizations may have specific legal or regulatory requirements for employee training. A checklist template can help ensure that all mandatory training topics are covered to remain compliant with regulations.


Time Efficiency: Using a template streamlines the training process. It serves as a roadmap, allowing trainers to focus on providing the necessary information without wasting time figuring out what to cover.


Employee Performance: Proper training contributes to better job performance and reduces the learning curve for new hires, leading to improved productivity and job satisfaction.


To create an Employee Training Checklist Template, you can follow these steps:


Identify Training Topics: Determine the essential areas that new employees need to be trained on. This may include job-specific tasks, company policies, safety procedures, software usage, and other relevant topics.


Organize the Checklist: Arrange the training topics in a logical order, starting with foundational information and progressing to more specific details.


Create a Digital Design: If you want a digital design, you can use tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, or similar software. Set up a table or list format to structure the checklist. Add clear and concise descriptions for each training item.


Make it Printable (Optional): If you wish to have a printable version, simply format the checklist accordingly. Ensure it is easily readable and aesthetically pleasing.


Include Checkboxes: In both digital and printable formats, include checkboxes beside each training item. This allows trainers and new employees to mark off each item as it is completed.


Review and Test: Once you have created the template, review it to ensure that all critical training areas are covered and that the checklist is easy to follow.


By following these steps, you’ll have a comprehensive Employee Training Checklist Template that can be used for onboarding new employees and facilitating their training process.


Beach Wildflower Junk Journal Papers

A Beach Wildflowers Junk Journal Papers is a collection of digital design elements or printable papers that feature beach-themed wildflowers. Junk journals are handmade or digital notebooks created by combining various materials such as papers, ephemera, and embellishments, often used for creative journaling, memory keeping, or scrapbooking.


People might need Beach Wildflowers Junk Journal Papers for several reasons:


Creative Projects: Junk journaling is a popular creative outlet where individuals can express their thoughts, memories, or artistic ideas. The Beach Wildflowers theme adds a touch of nature and beach-inspired elements to their journals, making it visually appealing and unique.


Memory Keeping: People may use these journal papers to document their beach vacations, trips, or experiences, preserving memories with a personalized touch.


Scrapbooking: The papers can be incorporated into traditional or digital scrapbooking projects to create aesthetically pleasing layouts with a beach and wildflower theme.


Art and Craft Projects: The papers can be used in various art and craft projects, such as card making, mixed media art, and collage.


To make Beach Wildflowers Junk Journal Papers, you can follow these steps:


Conceptualize the Theme: Decide on the beach wildflowers theme and the style you want to create. Consider the color palette, types of wildflowers, and any additional beach elements you want to include.


Design the Papers: Use graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Canva to create the digital papers. You can design patterns, backgrounds, or textured papers featuring beach wildflowers and other related graphics.


Choose the Format: Decide whether you want to create a digital set of papers for online use or a printable set for physical use. For printables, ensure the papers are in high-resolution and suitable for printing on standard paper sizes.


Organize the Collection: Create a cohesive collection of Beach Wildflowers Junk Journal Papers with different designs and variations, ensuring they complement each other well.


Creating Beach Wildflowers Junk Journal Papers allows you to share your creativity with others while providing them with beautiful resources for their own projects.



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