Trends Thursday-Weekly Trends Report – 10 August 2023

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Weekly Trend Report – 10 August 2023





Following trends when it comes to selling digital products is important because it allows sellers to stay relevant and appealing to their target audience. Trends often reflect the current needs and interests of potential customers, and by keeping up with them, sellers can create products that meet those needs and interests. Additionally, following trends can help sellers to identify gaps in the market and create products that are unique and in demand. By staying on top of trends, sellers can also stay ahead of their competition and establish themselves as leaders in their niche. Overall, keeping up with trends is an important part of creating successful digital products that appeal to buyers and generate sales.

So every week we share trends that we find on insight factory with our audience, and then we expand on it here on the blog as we know that people often don’t understand what some of the trending terms are for. So, in this blog we will look at each trend and give you some examples. So if you would like to keep up to date on Trending Digital Products, check back in each week for the updated blog post!

Lets jump in!

Canva Frames For Tumblers

A “Canva Frames for Tumblers” design on Etsy likely refers to a digital design template created using Canva that is specifically tailored for customizing and decorating tumblers. Tumblers, in this context, typically refer to insulated drinkware that can keep beverages hot or cold. These designs could include graphics, patterns, text, and other elements that can be applied to the surface of the tumbler.


People might need or want these designs for several reasons:


Personalization: Tumblers are often used as personalized gifts or promotional items. Having a customizable design allows customers to add their own names, images, or messages to create a unique and meaningful product.


Business Branding: Businesses might use custom tumbler designs as part of their branding efforts. They can incorporate logos, slogans, or other branding elements to create consistent promotional merchandise.


Special Events: Tumblers with custom designs can be popular for special events like weddings, birthdays, parties, or corporate gatherings. Designs can be tailored to the theme of the event.


Crafting and DIY: Some individuals enjoy crafting and DIY projects. Pre-made designs can help them easily create professional-looking products without having to design from scratch.


To create a “Canva Frames for Tumblers” design, follow these general steps:


Select a Niche: Determine your target audience and niche. Are you creating designs for weddings, holidays, sports teams, or something else?


Design in Canva: Use Canva’s design tools to create a design template that fits the dimensions and shape of a tumbler. Incorporate frames, graphics, text, and other elements that your target audience would find appealing.


Provide Customization: Design the template in a way that allows buyers to easily customize it with their own text and images. This might involve leaving specific areas blank or adding editable text boxes.


Export and List: Export the design from Canva in a suitable format (such as PNG or PDF). Create a listing on Etsy that includes images of the design, a description, and instructions for customization.


Market and Sell: Promote your design through Etsy, social media, and other channels. Highlight the customization options and showcase the versatility of your design.


Customer Support: Be prepared to assist customers who purchase your design with any customization or technical issues they might encounter.


Remember that while Canva is a user-friendly design tool, creating designs that stand out and cater to a specific audience can require creativity and a good understanding of design principles. Additionally, make sure to respect copyright and intellectual property rights when using graphics and elements in your designs.



The Invitation Parent Guide

A “Will You Be My Parent Guide or the invitation parent guide” is an invitation design that takes a creative and personalized way for someone to ask an individual to take on a parental role, such as a step-parent, godparent, or adoptive parent. These designs can be used for various occasions, including weddings, adoptions, or other significant life events.


Why People need it

Personalization: These designs allow individuals to express their emotions and intentions in a unique and heartfelt manner, making the invitation more special and memorable.

Meaningful Gestures: Invitations that ask someone to be a parent figure can be very emotional and meaningful. A well-designed invitation adds an extra layer of sentiment to the occasion.

Creative Expression: People use such designs to showcase their creativity and put a personal touch on the invitation process, making it a reflection of their relationship with the person being invited.

Creating a “Will You Be My Parent Guide” Invitation Design:

Creating this type of invitation involves a combination of graphic design and personalization. Here’s a general outline of how you might go about creating it:

Conceptualize the Design:

Think about the theme, style, and mood you want the invitation to convey. Consider color schemes, typography, and any visual elements that will make the design unique.

Choose Design Tools:

You can use graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or even online tools like Canva to create your design.

Layout and Typography:

Arrange the text in a visually appealing manner. Choose fonts that match the tone of the invitation and ensure that the text is easy to read.

Visual Elements:

Incorporate relevant images, graphics, or illustrations that align with the theme and purpose of the invitation.


If possible, include personal details about the relationship between the person sending the invitation and the recipient. This could be through photographs, inside jokes, or other personalized elements.

Print or Digital:

Decide whether you want to offer both print-ready and digital versions of the design. Digital versions can be sent electronically, while print versions can be physically mailed.

Mockup and Listing:

Create mockups of your design to showcase how it might look when printed or received. Then, create a listing on Etsy that accurately describes your product, including details about personalization options.

Pricing and Delivery:

Set a reasonable price for your design, considering factors like design complexity, personalization options, and your time investment. Clearly outline delivery times for both digital and print versions.


Promote your product on Etsy through appealing images, clear product descriptions, and appropriate tags. You might also consider using social media platforms to showcase your designs.

Customer Communication:

Be responsive to customer inquiries and ensure that you deliver the final product according to the specified timeline.

Remember, creating a successful Etsy shop requires attention to detail, quality design, and excellent customer service. Make sure your designs are unique and stand out from the competition while catering to the emotional and sentimental aspects that these types of invitations hold.



 Create Your Own Card Game Template

A “Create Your Own Card Game Template” on Etsy refers to a digital or printable product that provides customers with a pre-designed template for creating their own custom card game. These templates can include card designs, layouts, graphics, and instructions that individuals can personalize and modify according to their preferences.

People might be interested in such templates for various reasons:


Personalized Games: Individuals may want to create unique card games for parties, gatherings, family events, or even as a gift. Having a template streamlines the design process and allows them to customize the game to suit the occasion.


Educational Purposes: Teachers, educators, and parents might use these templates to develop educational card games for children. These games can help make learning fun and engaging.


Entrepreneurial Ventures: Some people might want to design and produce their own card games to sell as a small business or side project. A template can provide a starting point for creating a professional-looking game without having to design everything from scratch.


Creative Expression: People who enjoy crafting and creative projects may find joy in designing their own card games. Templates offer a foundation that allows them to focus on the artistic aspects rather than technical design.


Creating a “Create Your Own Card Game Template” to sell on Etsy involves a few key steps:


  1. Idea and Concept:

Determine the theme, mechanics, and purpose of the card game template. Consider who your target audience is and what kind of card game experience you want to offer.


  1. Design and Layout:

Design the card templates using graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or even Canva. Create visually appealing card designs that are easy to customize.


  1. Template Elements:

Include various card types (e.g., action cards, character cards, event cards), card backs, instructions, and any additional components required for the game.


  1. Customizability:

Ensure that the template is user-friendly and easy to customize. Include placeholders for text and images that users can replace with their content.


  1. Instructions:

Provide clear and concise instructions on how to use the template, modify the cards, and assemble the game.


  1. File Formats:

Save the template files in formats that are commonly used and easily accessible, such as PDF or editable file formats like PSD.


  1. Listing on Etsy:

Create a seller account on Etsy if you don’t have one. Create an appealing product listing that showcases your template, includes images, describes its features, and outlines its uses and benefits.


  1. Pricing and Licensing:

Determine a reasonable price for your template based on factors like complexity, design quality, and market demand. Consider offering different licensing options (personal use, commercial use) if applicable.


  1. Marketing and Promotion:

Promote your template through your Etsy shop, social media, and relevant online communities to reach potential customers.


Remember, creating a successful template involves a combination of creativity, design skills, and understanding your target audience’s needs. It’s essential to provide a product that’s not only visually appealing but also user-friendly and adaptable to different customization requirements.





Notion Template Mental Health

A “Notion Template Mental Health” on Etsy likely refers to a digital template designed to be used within Notion, a popular note-taking and organizational tool. These templates are created to help individuals manage and track various aspects of their mental health, such as mood, self-care routines, therapy notes, goal setting, and more.


Why People Need Notion Templates for Mental Health:


Organization: Notion provides a flexible platform to organize information. Templates can help individuals structure their thoughts, goals, and mental health-related data in one place.


Tracking Progress: Tracking mood, habits, therapy sessions, and goals can provide valuable insights into one’s mental health journey and progress over time.


Self-Care: Templates can include self-care prompts, activities, and routines to encourage healthy practices that support mental well-being.


Therapy Support: Notion templates can assist users in jotting down therapy session notes, recording reflections, and tracking recommendations from therapists.


Awareness and Reflection: By recording thoughts, triggers, and reflections, users can gain better self-awareness and understanding of their mental health patterns.


Creating a Notion Template for Mental Health:


Identify the Focus: Determine what aspects of mental health the template will cover, such as mood tracking, gratitude journaling, coping strategies, etc.


Design and Layout: Create a visually appealing layout that’s easy to navigate. Use headers, lists, checkboxes, and other Notion elements to structure the template.


Content and Prompts: Populate the template with prompts, sections, and categories that guide users through tracking and reflecting on their mental health.


Customization: Consider making the template customizable so users can adapt it to their specific needs.


Testing: Test the template to ensure that it’s user-friendly and functions as intended.


Documentation: Provide clear instructions on how to use the template within Notion.


Graphics and Visuals: Incorporate graphics, icons, or images that enhance the template’s visual appeal.


Selling on Etsy:


If you’re interested in selling Notion templates for mental health on Etsy, here are some steps to consider:


Create the Template: Use Notion to design the template, ensuring it’s well-structured and user-friendly.


Prepare Product Listings: Create compelling product listings on Etsy that showcase the template’s features, benefits, and how it can support mental health.


Pricing: Determine a reasonable price for your template based on its complexity and the value it provides.


Digital Download: Set up your Etsy listings as digital downloads, so buyers can access the template files immediately after purchase.


Marketing: Promote your Etsy listings through social media, relevant forums, and communities related to mental health, productivity, and organization.


Customer Support: Provide excellent customer support by addressing inquiries and assisting customers with any issues they encounter.


Remember to research and ensure that you’re not infringing on any copyright or intellectual property rights when creating and selling templates. Always create original content or seek appropriate permissions if needed.


Football Program Ad Template

A “Football Program Ad Template” on Etsy is likely a digital template that individuals or organizations can purchase and customize to create advertisements for football programs or events. These templates are designed to be easily edited, allowing buyers to add their own text, images, and details to create personalized ads that can be used in printed materials like game-day programs, banners, posters, or social media promotions.


Why People Need It:

People might need a Football Program Ad Template for various reasons:


Local Teams: Local football teams, whether they’re youth, high school, college, or even amateur leagues, often create programs for games and events. These programs include advertisements from local businesses, supporters, and well-wishers.


Sponsors and Supporters: Businesses or individuals that want to support a local football team or event might purchase ad space in a program to show their support or advertise their products/services to the audience attending the game.


Personal Messages: Fans and family members might want to create personal messages or shout-outs to players, coaches, or the team as a whole. These templates can provide a creative and professional way to do so.


How to Create It:

If you’re interested in creating Football Program Ad Templates to sell on Etsy, here’s a general outline of the process:


Design: Create a visually appealing and customizable template using graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or online tools like Canva. Ensure that the template is well-organized, with placeholders for text, images, and other relevant elements.


Customizability: Design the template in a way that makes it easy for buyers to edit. Use layers for text and images so buyers can easily replace them with their content.


Variety: Consider offering templates in various sizes and orientations to cater to different program layouts and design preferences.


Instructions: Provide clear instructions or a user guide on how buyers can edit the template, including how to replace images and text.


Licensing: Clearly define the terms of use and licensing for your template. Specify whether buyers can use the template for commercial purposes, multiple events, etc.


Etsy Listing: Create a listing on Etsy with appealing images showcasing your template, a detailed description, and pricing information.


Delivery: Once a customer purchases your template, deliver it digitally through Etsy’s platform or a downloadable link.


Customer Support: Be prepared to offer customer support to address any issues buyers might encounter while editing the template.


Remember that the success of your Etsy shop will depend on factors like the quality of your designs, the uniqueness of your offerings, effective marketing, and providing excellent customer service. It’s also important to research and comply with any copyright and licensing requirements related to the use of images or graphics in your templates.

Happy creating.


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