Trends Thursday-Weekly Trends Report – 1 June 2023

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Weekly Trend Report – 1 June 2023




Following trends when it comes to selling digital products is important because it allows sellers to stay relevant and appealing to their target audience. Trends often reflect the current needs and interests of potential customers, and by keeping up with them, sellers can create products that meet those needs and interests. Additionally, following trends can help sellers to identify gaps in the market and create products that are unique and in demand. By staying on top of trends, sellers can also stay ahead of their competition and establish themselves as leaders in their niche. Overall, keeping up with trends is an important part of creating successful digital products that appeal to buyers and generate sales.

So every week we share trends that we find on insight factory with our audience, and then we expand on it here on the blog as we know that people often don’t understand what some of the trending terms are for. So, in this blog we will look at each trend and give you some examples. So if you would like to keep up to date on Trending Digital Products, check back in each week for the updated blog post!

Lets jump in!

Can Cooler SVG

The Can Cooler SVG is a trendy and popular product that combines functionality and personalization. It is a versatile item designed to keep your beverage cans cool and refreshing for longer periods. Made from high-quality materials, this Can Cooler SVG offers excellent insulation properties, ensuring your drinks stay chilled and enjoyable, even in warm weather.


What sets the Can Cooler SVG apart from traditional can coolers is its customizable design. With the help of Canva, a user-friendly graphic design tool, you can create unique and eye-catching designs for your Can Cooler SVG. Whether you want to showcase your favorite sports team, display a witty quote, or feature your company’s logo, the possibilities are endless. Canva provides a wide range of templates, fonts, and graphics to bring your creative vision to life.


The Can Cooler SVG has become a trending item due to its popularity in social events, such as parties, picnics, and outdoor gatherings. It adds a personalized touch to any occasion, making it a conversation starter and a unique gift idea. People love expressing their individuality and style through custom-designed Can Cooler SVGs, and they have become a sought-after accessory for those who want to stand out from the crowd.


Creating a Can Cooler SVG using Canva is a straightforward process. Select the “Custom Dimensions” option and enter the desired size for your Can Cooler SVG.Choose a background color or upload your own image to serve as the base for your design.You can use fonts, stickers, and graphics to personalize your Can Cooler SVG. Add text, shapes, or even import images to make it truly unique.Experiment with different layouts, colors, and elements until you’re satisfied with the design.Once your design is complete, download the SVG file format, which is compatible with Can Cooler printing machines or services.


Enjoy your custom-made Can Cooler SVG.






  IV Therapy Business

IV therapy has gained significant popularity as an effective and efficient method of delivering essential nutrients, vitamins, and hydration directly into the bloodstream. Our IV Therapy Business Canva templates provide entrepreneurs in the wellness and healthcare industry with a comprehensive set of customizable templates to create eye-catching marketing materials, business plans, and promotional materials for their IV therapy businesses.


IV therapy has become a trending practice due to its numerous benefits and convenience. People are increasingly seeking quick and effective solutions to boost their energy levels, enhance their immune systems, relieve hangover symptoms, or recover from intense physical activities. IV therapy offers a direct and efficient delivery method, bypassing the digestive system and allowing the body to absorb nutrients more effectively. It has gained popularity among celebrities, athletes, professionals, and individuals seeking a fast and efficient way to optimize their overall well-being.


Customize Engaging Marketing Materials like brochures, flyers, social media graphics, and posters. Create compelling visuals that effectively communicate the services and attract potential customers. Develop Professional Business Plans.Include customizable designs for loyalty cards, discount coupons, gift certificates, and email marketing templates. 





My Berry First Birthday Invitation

Introducing “Berry First Birthday Invitation” – the hottest trend in birthday celebrations! This innovative and delightful invitation captures the essence of a berry-themed party, perfect for celebrating a little one’s first birthday milestone.


The Berry First Birthday Invitation is the talk of the town, capturing the hearts of parents and guests alike with its delightful design and easy customization options. Make your child’s first birthday truly unforgettable with this trendy and enchanting invitation!


What makes the Berry First Birthday Invitation so popular is it showcases a vibrant and captivating design, featuring adorable illustrations of juicy strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and other delectable berries. The colorful palette and playful graphics instantly evoke a sense of joy and celebration. You can add a personalization Option like a space to add a pic of their little one. The flexibility to customize adds a personal touch, making the invitation more meaningful.


Now, let’s explore how you can create your own Berry First Birthday Invitation:Choose your preferred berry-themed invitation template. Ensure your  designs resonate with the party theme and aesthetics of how it would all come together.


Don’t forget the necessary details, such as the child’s name, the date, time, and venue of the party. Use bright colors and make the text pop. You can add a matching envelope template as well.

Consider adding a berry-themed sticker or seal to the envelope for an extra touch of charm.


Your Berry First Birthday Invitations are ready to go for someone, to celebrate this special milestone in style!



Graduation Pool Party Phone Invite

Introducing the Graduation Pool Party Phone Invitations, the hottest trend in celebration announcements!  With many embracing the digital age and going paper free with these stylish and convenient electronic invitations designed specifically for graduation pool parties.


These phone invitations are the perfect way to invite your friends, family, and classmates to join in the fun and celebrate your academic achievements in style. Featuring eye-catching designs and customizable templates, these invitations add a modern and personalized touch to your graduation party planning.People are increasingly relying on digital communication for various aspects of their lives. The Graduation Pool Party Phone Invitations combine the convenience of technology with the excitement of a pool party, creating a winning combination that has taken the party scene by storm.


The trend has gained traction due to several reasons. Firstly, phone invitations offer instant delivery and real-time updates, ensuring that your guests receive the latest information about the party effortlessly. Secondly, they are environmentally friendly, as they eliminate the need for paper and ink, reducing waste. Lastly, the ability to personalize these invitations with photos, custom messages, and interactive features allows hosts to create a unique and engaging experience for their guests.

Creating your own Graduation Pool Party Phone Invitations is easier than you might think. Choose a Digital Invitation Platform: Select a reliable digital invitation platform that offers customizable templates for graduation pool parties. Popular platforms include online invitation websites, event planning apps, and design software.


Select a Pool Party Theme: Decide on a pool party theme that reflects your personality and style. Whether it’s a tropical luau, a retro beach party, or a glamorous Hollywood-inspired gathering, choose a theme that sets the mood for your celebration.


Customize the Invitation: Use the chosen platform’s editing tools to personalize the invitation. Add details such as the date, time, and location of the party, along with any special instructions or dress code. Incorporate vibrant colors, fun fonts, and pool-themed graphics to make the invitation visually appealing.Add Personal Touches: Make the invitation unique by including a space where a memorable photo can be added, showcasing the graduation achievements. 

With Graduation Pool Party Phone Invitations, you’ll create a buzz among your peers and host an unforgettable celebration that perfectly captures the joy and excitement of your graduation. So dive into the digital world and make a splash with these trending invitations!





 Building A New House Checklist

The Building a New House Checklist is a comprehensive guide and tool that assists individuals in the process of constructing their own home. It is a trending product due to the increasing popularity of custom-built houses and the desire for homeowners to have more control over the design and features of their living spaces. This checklist acts as a roadmap, providing step-by-step guidance and ensuring that no crucial details are overlooked during the construction process.


Building a new house is a complex and intricate endeavor that requires careful planning and organization. With the rising interest in personalized and unique homes, many individuals are opting to build from scratch rather than purchasing pre-existing properties. However, the construction process can be overwhelming and prone to oversights, resulting in delays, cost overruns, or unsatisfactory outcomes.


The Building a New House Checklist is trending because it helps simplify the construction journey by providing a comprehensive list of tasks, considerations, and milestones to ensure a successful project. By following this checklist, homeowners can minimize stress, stay on track, and make informed decisions throughout the entire process.


Creating a Building a New House Checklist involves several key steps like Conducting thorough research to understand the various stages and processes involved in building a house. Identify key areas such as budgeting, design, permits, construction materials, and subcontractors.


Ensure you define the Checklist Sections: Divide the checklist into logical sections, such as Pre-construction, Design, Permitting, Construction, Finishing, and Post-construction. Each section should cover specific tasks and milestones relevant to that stage.


Then task Identification: Within each section, identify the necessary tasks and considerations. Examples may include finding a suitable architect, securing financing, obtaining building permits, selecting construction materials, and scheduling inspections.


Use Sequencing and Dependencies: Arrange the tasks in a logical sequence, ensuring that certain tasks are completed before others can begin. Consider dependencies, such as obtaining permits before starting construction or finalizing the design before ordering materials.


Timeline and Deadlines: Assign estimated durations and deadlines for each task. This helps homeowners and builders stay on track and maintain accountability throughout the project.


Collaboration and Communication: Encourage collaboration and communication among all stakeholders involved in the construction process. This may include homeowners, architects, contractors, suppliers, and inspectors. Clearly communicate expectations and milestones to ensure everyone is on the same page.


Construction projects often encounter unexpected challenges, so the checklist should remain flexible and adaptable.



By following these steps, you can create a Building a New House Checklist tailored to their specific needs and ensure a smoother construction journey while building their dream home.



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