6 Unlikely Mico-Niche digital Products Trending now!!

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Weekly Email – 12 October 2023


👋Hi Friends,

As marketplace sellers (for example Etsy) we are always on the lookout for low competition high sales products. My members and I love using trend tools like insight factorie to find these hidden gems. The digital product industry has grown hugely in the last 2 years – expanding and creating new micro niches that didn’t exist until now.

Here are 6 new micro niche products I have seen recently, with their primary niche and some product ideas!

Notion templates

Primary Niche: Organisation / Planner

About: Notion the software has grown in popularity hugely and the ability to share templates (or should I say sell templates) has seen it carve out a very stable corner of the planner niche. Notion is a customisable planning software that you can make very personalised to your needs, which is why it is so popular.

🔥Trending Product Ideas: Finance, Personal & Student Planners

Google Sheets

Primary Niche: Business / Planner

About: Google sheets has taken over as the leading spreadsheet software people are using as it is linked to their google accounts and they don’t need to purchase microsoft in order to use it. Therefore google sheets has increased in popularity and are being used for all sorts of tasks from planning holidays to tracking inventory. People are time poor and are seeking already created templates they can make a copy of and start using. This is a niche that will continue to grow. 

🔥Trending Product Ideas: Weekly paycheck budget, Christmas gift tracker, Task Planners, Profit trackers


Primary Niche: Business

About: Worksheets walk someone through a process from A to B, so we have seen an increase in people purchase worksheets as its an easy way to achieve a small result quickly. What we are seeing is people tapping into their skillset and sharing this in worksheets to help others. I think this will be a growth area.

🔥Trending Product Ideas: helping people deal with trauma, building confidence, coaching worksheets, goal setting worksheets

1.Junk Journals

Primary Niche: Craft

About: Junk Journals has become an increasingly popular niche as it is a perfect way for people to be creative and keep treasured memories. Think of it as a scrapbook where anything goes – you can write your ideas and inspiration, add found materials, paint or draw. Junk Journal enthusiasts love finding treasures to add to their journals, they go in search of old fashioned blank papers, themed clipart, pre-made junk journal pages with all elements laid out, etc. There has been an increase in junk journal kits being purchased online, these are matching items all in the one style so that they can print them out and add them to their junk journal and then let their creative juices flow. 

🔥Trending Product Ideas: Nature Junk Journal Kits, Bird Junk Journal Kits, Wildflower printable junk journal pages

2.Digital Stickers

Primary Niche: Organisation / Planner

About: Digital stickers are graphics that can be purchased to use with a digital planner – you can sell as just png images or bonus points for putting together a sticker sheet in GoodNotes or Notability. Digital Planners are growing in popularity, so digital planners will continue to grow in popularity as well. 

🔥Trending Product Ideas: Seasonal, Bookworm, Day to Day Living – digital sticker trends are usually theme based.

Product Mock Ups for canva

Primary Niche: Resources

About: Mock ups are the way that you display your digital products to make them look like a real product in a scene. It gives you a way to communicate how your product would look and feel once in their hand. 

🔥Trending Product Ideas: T-shirts, Tumblers, Frame mockups, Christmas ornaments

You know it’s an exciting time to be a digital product creator when new digital product types are popping up all the time.

💡Top tip: While these products work well within a primary niche, think about how they could also be adapted for your niche. 

For example:

Notion Templates could be created and sold in any niche – for example you could have a wedding planner, a business planner, a school curriculum planner, etc.

Google Sheets templates for planning an event would be a great fit for a wedding or party store.

Worksheets – depending on what your niche is, make some worksheets that help people in your niche. Let’s say you are a kids stationery store, you could create a perfect party planning worksheet, or for a clipart store you could create a worksheet that helps creators make the most of the resources they have purchased.

Junk Journals while in the craft niche also work well in a clipart store.

Product Mock Ups for Canva are resources and work well alongside stock photos, fonts, clipart & anything else that is a creator resource.

Happy creating until next time!

Jessa B


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