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17 August 2023


Hi Friends,

My members ask me a lot about what month of the year I see the most sales. In all honestly it is so different for every niche however there are definitely patterns.

When it comes to digital products and the wedding niche, September has consistently blown all other months out of the water in terms of sales volume. To make sure you are prepared I have put together some trends + bonus styles/themes I know are already emerging as this season looks.

Let’s jump in.


Top 5 Trending products to prepare for September

Editable wedding shoe game

The editable wedding shoe game is an interactive and entertaining activity often incorporated into wedding receptions. This game involves the newlywed couple sitting back-to-back, each holding one of their own shoes and one of their partner’s shoes. A series of questions are then posed by the master of ceremonies, host, or DJ, and the couple raises the corresponding shoe to answer the question. The questions are designed to reveal insights into their relationship, personalities, and experiences, adding a fun and engaging element to the wedding festivities.


Citrus bridal shower cupcake topper

A citrus bridal shower cupcake topper is a decorative element placed on top of cupcakes served at a bridal shower, featuring citrus-themed designs such as lemon slices, orange wedges, or lime accents. These toppers align with the citrus theme that has become trendy for the bridal shower event.


Wedding meal selection stickers

Wedding meal selection stickers are used to indicate meal choices for each guest attending a wedding reception. These stickers are often seeked to place on menus, meal selection place cards, seating charts, or escort cards to communicate the meal preferences for the guests this adds a great visual element and contributes to the look and feel of the item.  


Processional in a wedding

Processional is a pivotal and cherished element of a wedding ceremony and can be done using sign designs with beautiful quotes. It symbolizes unity, builds anticipation, honors loved ones, and adds a touch of formality and personalization to the event. 


Grazing table bridal shower

A grazing table bridal shower design is a visually appealing and interactive food display that features an abundant spread. These tables are creatively styled to create a stunning visual centerpiece for the bridal shower event, enticing guests to indulge in a variety of delectable treats. Alongside the grazing table, signs and templates are often used to provide information about the foods on display, add decorative elements, and guide guests through the grazing experience.


Top 5 styles to create foundational products in…

Minimalistic Charm: Less is more when it comes to minimalist – think clean, white backgrounds with a spotlight on well placed, elegant typography.


Classic Elegance: Similar to minimalist but with a couple of details that really add to the timelessness of this styles. Add borders, select faux foil and small details like flourishes paired with an elegant, structured script font.


Captivating Greenery: Greenery has always been a bedrock of the wedding niche and once again this season looks to be no different. Think eucalyptus leaves, laurels and wreaths – add a touch of foil sparingly to really jazz up a collection.

Radiant Sunflowers: One of my favourite flowers, I’m not surprised to see this trend resurfacing after a couple of years of being dormant. Add sunflowers in a border to your stationery to jump on – and remember the key is in adding those special little products like menus, programs and seating charts.


Zesty Citrus Delight: Citrus-inspired digital wedding invitations are a burst of energy and playfulness. Incorporating elements like lemon branches, orange slices, and vibrant hues, this style infuses a wedding with a sense of vivacity and celebration. Citrus-themed invites often resonate with couples planning outdoor or destination weddings.


Anyway I hope this gives you a head start on what is already shaping up to be a big wedding season especially for digital products. A final note, make sure your autoreplies and prewritten messages are up to date to ensure a great customer experience.


See you next time,

Jessa B


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