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23 August 2023


Hi Friends,

Exactly a year ago, I decided to open a brand new store, Velvet Papery, and track the progress and share it with my members. 12 months later, I thought it was time for an update.

You can check out the video here 👇


What I learned when creating this store was priceless and has definitely changed the way I approach Etsy. The main two things I learned were…

1.Trends can really snowball how fast your store grows. I think this also significantly increased the sustained success of the store – allowing it to maintain a certain level of pretty stable income even though I had stopped adding products. This was actually the first store I really went all in on trends and I think it really paid off.

2.Simple products are always a winner (and often overlooked). Especially in the wedding niche, minimal neutral designs are always a winner. It’s also about finding those products that not many people have created and jumping on them as quickly as possible.

In the video I also went through my top selling products and shared figures, and there was an interesting pattern with similar products taking out the top place. This shows that really one good idea can be a game changer.

My top 5 sellers for the year were…

1. Minimalist thank you & welcome card – $3,889.80

2. Folded Church wedding program – $2,614.30

3. Minimalist thank you card – $1,583.40

4. Wedding weekend timeline – $1,437.00

5. Minimalist wedding menu – $939.60

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video and find it interesting👇


Have a wonderful week and talk soon,

Jessa B


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