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Weekly Email – 15 June 2023


How do I make products so fast? 🏃


I get asked a lot, how I create products so quickly. And while over the years you naturally build up a skillset and start to work faster – I do have some tips on how to speed up your product creation.

  • Reskin & reframe

One thing I always do now is think about how I can make the most of a single product and turn it into multiple products. We call this reskinning – where we take the structure of a design (for example a lead magnet template) and apply different colours and themes to it to create more than one product (for example, navy lead magnet, blush pink lead magnet). Etsy is a game of volume – so try to maximise how many products you can have our in search by working smarter and not harder.

  • Batch where you can

Batching similar tasks is a really easy way to speed things up (sometimes I can create products at around x3 the speed). If you want to go all in on batching maybe even thinking about setting up certain days for certain tasks – for example Monday could be creation day, Tuesday mock up day and Wednesday upload day. When uploading just remember that the key is consistency and not one day a week where you upload a burst of products so when batching your uploads – save the products in draft and log in once a day to publish them.

  • Unfrazzle your frazzle

Its so common to start your day feeling untethered and flustered when you have a big task list and big dreams. Its not uncommon to lose a whole day to unfocused work and distractions – my best tip is to make a list and plan out your day (I used the Eisenhower matrix).


Remember, it takes time to learn a new skill set and build up speed – its ok to take it slow in the beginning and a natural part of the process. Be kind to yourself and just take it one step at a time, speed is a consequence of action and it will come. 


If you are curious to see how we create [aka bake] our best selling products – Evelyn & I are so excited to have launched a new mini training – the Digital Bakery AI.


There are 17 training videos where we go through our process and teach you 3 of our bestselling digital product recipes. Plus you also get the three products with resale rights!   


As always happy creating,




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