What are rainy day printable activities?

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Are you in the education niche? Looking for a great, fun printable to create?

Printable activities might be a great option – and currently on Etsy rainy day printable packs for kids are selling really well.


What are rainy day printable activities?

Rainy day printable activities are engaging and entertaining activities that can be easily printed at home and are designed to be enjoyable indoors, especially on days when the weather is not conducive to outdoor activities. Usually, parents will purchase them, and the home-school community also loves educational printables.

So what can you put into a pack?

Here are 10 rainy day activities ideas!

Raindrop Math: A worksheet filled with math problems where kids solve equations to color in a rainy scene. It’s a fun way to practice addition and subtraction!

Weather Word Search: A word search puzzle with weather-related terms. It’s a great way for kids to learn new vocabulary while having fun.

Rainy Day Reading Comprehension: A short story about a rainy day with questions to test reading comprehension. It’s perfect for encouraging kids to read and understand stories.

ย Cloud Types Chart: A worksheet with illustrations of different cloud types. Kids can learn about the weather by identifying and labelling each cloud.

ย Indoor Scavenger Hunt: A list of items for kids to find around the house. It’s an exciting way to keep kids active and exploring indoors.

Umbrella Art Project: A coloring sheet with an outline of an umbrella. Kids can get creative by decorating their umbrella with patterns and colors.

Rain Gauge Experiment: Instructions for making a simple rain gauge to measure rainfall. It’s a hands-on way for kids to learn about precipitation and weather.

Puddle Measurement Activity: A worksheet where kids estimate and then measure the size of puddles. It’s a practical way to practice measurement skills.

Water Cycle Diagram: A diagram of the water cycle for kids to label and color. It’s a visual way to understand how rain is formed and how it affects the environment.

Rainy Day Journal: A journal page with prompts for kids to write about their favourite rainy day activities or how the rain makes them feel. It’s a great way to encourage writing and self-expression.

So what’s the best size to make activity printables?

For these packs, specifically, a US letter-sized page (8.5×11โ€) is ideal as they can then be printed off with minimal trimming, and are nice and big for little hands to fill in.

Hope this gives you a better understanding and some new ideas.

Happy creating๐Ÿ˜

Jessa B


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