How to stand out in the current Organizational Niche?

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When I first created a business store, I could see that planners were selling well on Etsy and I wanted to be part of that, but wanted to still be inline with my business customer base, so I made planner templates for people to buy and customize for their businesses. These turned into some of my best-selling products in that store. 

What I learned was that I didn’t need to be in the organizational niche directly, I just needed to find a way to fit these products into my current niche and put my own spin on it. I think this is something more digital product sellers need to pay attention to. You want to make products specifically with a customer in mind and be original.

So, how would I stand out in the current

organizational niche? 

I would create products that are for a specific audience or event.

In the past few years, we have seen more people jumping onto Etsy and selling digital products, which means that the general planners are all saturated.

However, I have seen, niched down planners taking off – for example, over the last 12 months, I have seen the following planners do really well:

Capsule Wardrobe Planners

Decluttering Planners

Nurse Planners

Aged Care Planners

There has also been an increase in workbooks, worksheets and checklists – all with a specific audience in mind.

Here are a few products that I see trending at the moment.

According to InsightFactory:

A skincare business planner is to help those running a skincare business, so if you don’t know much about the niche that is ok. You can embrace chatgpt and get its assistance to create the content needed for a skincare business planner OR you can create similar products for other similar niches like a Nail Technician Business planner, etc.

The Emergency planner is more about targeting the event rather than a specific audience. An emergency planner is normally something you can grab and run if there’s an emergency like a fire or flood.


Keeping all important information like insurance, contact numbers, etc. inside. Again, you can utilize chatgpt to help with content.


You could also tackle other events that people might want to be prepared for, like an end of life planner, bucket list planner, etc. You could also go more in depth and target specific emergencies as some people might be in a bushfire zone and others might be in a flood zone, so a more niche specific planner might perform well.

The financial planner for couples is a planner that helps a couple manage their money together. This might be using joint bank accounts OR they may like to keep their money separate.

So you could create a planner that accommodates both, or you could highlight that it is for handling their money together while keeping it separate. You could also go deeper and tackle specific goals, like Financial Planner for Couples saving to buy a house or Financial Planner for couples wanting to retire early. 

As you can see from these examples, they are zoning in on either the audience or an event. The sales are good, and the competition is quite low for all of these. This is how you break into a saturated market and have success! 

Happy creating😍

Jessa B


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