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When covid hit, all of my stores were in the event stationery niche and so my income almost disappeared immediately in front of my eyes. I knew I had to pivot, so I opened a business template store. I worked tirelessly whilst pregnant with baby number 4 to get it up and running and generating income. I quickly realised that the business niche has heaps of potential and can be a much higher price point product to sell. 

Over the last 3 years, I have really started to learn and love the business niche. I have seen it move from a more generalized business template focus, to really established sub-niches and there is still lots of untapped potential in those low competition high traffic trends.

Yes, I know you want to know – How do you break into the business niche?

First you want to decide on what sorts of businesses you want to cater for in your store. 

Then you need to tackle the products that are low competition but are really needed in each of these niches. 

In almost all business niches, forms, checklists and guides are low competition and high sales as hardly anyone wants to actually create them. 

Here are some examples of forms that are currently trending with very low competition:


For an IV therapy form you could utilise chatgpt to assist you with content and then it is just a matter of laying out the information. If you were to tackle IV therapy then you would probably be in the health & wellness niche for your business store so then you could create forms for lots of other businesses in that niche.

A daycare allergy form is a one page form you could create quite quickly. This is normally a form that includes information about allergies and what to do for an allergic reaction and who to contact. Chatgpt could assist with the content. This is suitable for anyone wanting to have a business store in the education niche. You could also do matching forms for signing in and out, enrollment forms, etc. 

An employee evaluation form is something that a lot of business use as part of their annual pay and performance reviews. Again, you could utilise chatgpt to assist with content and then its just a matter of laying it out. An Employee Evaluation form would be for someone with their store focused on Human Resources. Human Resources has an enormous amount of forms you could create from employment applications to contracts to annual leave forms, etc. 

And if you are about to say, but Jessa I don’t want to be a form specialist – I get it! But its the easiest way into the niche to get traction fast. Then once your store is getting traffic you can move on to some more exciting products to create! 

Happy creating😍

Jessa B


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