8 Design Archetypes

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This week, as you know, I decided to create a video that is focused on the 8 different design archetypes that I clearly see after coaching so many

digital product creators.

Have you ever wondered why you procrastinate? Or why you are drawn to a certain type of product to create? If so, it is likely your design archetype that is guiding you. 


Once you know your design archetype, this can help you to become a better creator as you will clearly see your strengths and weaknesses and know where to focus your energy. 


What are the 8 Design Archetypes that I see?

Sometimes this feeling of overwhelm comes from a lack of structure and no end point. Maybe I haven’t set a target product count, maybe your vision or reason for why you are building a business has become a bit foggy, maybe you just don’t even know where you are in the grand scheme of your plan. So this is what I do next, sit down and brainstorm where I am, where I am headed and when this current phase of what I’m working on will reach a conclusion. When you know where you are going, its a lot easier to see the light in the progress you have made.

Then take our quiz to confirm what archetype you are!



Remember it’s important to understand your strengths and weaknesses and how you are able to manage them. 


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