4 Under-loved Clipart opportunities

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It’s been over a year since I rebooted an old store in March 2023 and turned it into a clipart focused one. It’s been a fascinating niche to learn more about and has grown so much in the last 12 months. Despite the growth, I still think there is a great and growing demand for clipart and I have noticed some types of clipart that are relatively under loved and underserved.

Borders & Frames

Custom, more tailored borders like squares, circles, octogons and edge borders are in high demand with less competition as they take a lot of time to create with the perfect placement. Manually placing elements to create these will create the highest quality results.

Watercolor Washes

Maybe because they are a little boring to create, watercolor washes in different colors and themes are still very much in demand.



High value character packs


Really tailors character-based packs with lots of connected characters (for example a woodland pack with deer, fox, badger, trees). A lot of people jump on trends and create packs of very similar characters – taking it one step further and creating packs of connected characters is definitely a way to stand out.



Custom letters with flowers or characters that are part of the image are still in high demand as it’s something AI tools have trouble generating.

My top takeaway after a year of clipart

Really try to think about who is purchasing your clipart, and create what they need.

As you can see from these examples, they are zoning in on either the audience or an event. The sales are good, and the competition is quite low for all of these. This is how you break into a saturated market and have success! 

Happy creating😍

Jessa B


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